Interesting post. V enjoyable read.

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Brilliant post Mark. I laughed out loud when I saw the Gaussian meme & the “I do ML to share cool stuff on Twitter”, basically described my past 3 years online.

Not only that you’ve put into words something I couldn’t put my finger on... why HuggingFace + Weights & Biases have quickly become two of my favourite ML companies.

Taking notes and sharing this.

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"I’ve previously called Open AI a media company" this became true and permanent to me when they no longer were a non-profit, and they always have paid about the same ludicrous ML salaries.

A thought in the back of my mind (maybe too optimistic as an RL researcher) is that something for RL could work like hugging face... a open-source set of tools and infrastructure for making RL not impossible to use. Most SOTA algorithms don't even get reproduced on their simulated tasks...

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